1. Claire

    Thank you for opening up Charlotte, I admire you for doing so, as a fellow sufferer I know that it doesn’t come easy, I think we can find it hard to speak up for fear of judgement & rejection, well those are some of my reasons. Meditation, diet/supplements, going for a walk or excercising when I have the energy all really help me, also educating myself on anxiety, depression & the body/mind. Getting to the root of the problem with therapy is a good idea but generally going easy on yourself, so in a nutshell self care & education! It’s worth looking into over breathing/mouth breathing & low blood sugar levels, as when our bodies are in constant fight or flight mode or if you’ve just burnt yourself out dealing with too much stress, it can do all kinds of things to our physical & mental well being.

    Keep being kind to yourself & best wishes for becoming a mom 🙂

    Take care x

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for reading, Claire, and for taking the time to comment too. I think it’s easier to speak about because it’s largely retrospective – I would have struggled much more to articulate it at the time. I think whenever suits you to talk about it is certainly OK, as long as you’re able to get the help you need too. I absolutely agree that looking after yourself and making time to understand your triggers and how our brains work makes a huge difference. Thanks again and I hope you’re getting the support and time out that you need too xx

  2. Kathy Baker

    You know this has resonance for me, Charlotte, in talking about my grief related to childlessness. It has taken a lot for me to really open up with you and the family as well as friends. So you have done really well to realise the importance of admitting things are difficult and do not always support the perfect images that we project to other people. You will be a fine mother with all your sensitivity and empathy xx

    • Charlotte

      Thank you Kathy! I’m really glad this resonates – it takes us all varied amounts of time to be able to realise for ourselves how we feel, let alone tell anyone else. I’m really glad you’re feeling more able to speak about it. Xx

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