1. Lizz

    Charlotte, this writing is wonderful. I think I should follow your example and write stuff down before I go to bed. It might unclutter my brain and help me sleep better. You know what we’ve been through this last year and getting through all the ‘firsts’ without the Boy. In two weeks, we celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Another event without him. Celebrate every moment with I and J, keep all the pictures in an album (after they come off the fridge) and store all they say in your muses. As you’ve shared some of your life with Lex I’ve seen you grow from teen to mummy I hope you can continue writing and ‘Sharelot’sounds a great name for your blog. Xxx Lizz

    • Charlotte

      Lizz, thank you so much for reading and for such a lovely comment. I would never pretend to know how to move through what you’re experiencing, but I do always find writing, for however long, and in whatever format, helpful. I hope it is to you, too. I’m keeping as much as is logistically possible pictures and notes wise from the children – there are a lot! – as they really do mean so much. Thank you again, and lots of love xxx

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