1. Sam Buxton

    Sending huge congrats Charlotte – such lovely news and your article resonated with so many of the same feelings I had in my second pregnancy. It is such a crazy time on so many levels, and especially at the moment, so well done you for writing so eloquently about it all!
    Not sure whether you’re a parenting book person, but I have one that I found quite useful called ‘Coping with Two’ and I am more than happy to pop it in the post to you if you’d like, but absolutely no pressure at all. In the meantime, sending our love to you, Leon and Isla xxx

    • Charlotte

      Thank you so much Sam! That’s really kind of you and I’m glad this all sounds familiar to you too having been through it. It’s simultaneously lovely and stressful, and I’m equally excited and nervous about what is to come! That’s so useful to know about the book, I had been thinking it would be handy to read something on how to handle it all. Really kind of you to offer to send it but don’t worry, you’ve got enough on, I will grab myself a copy and read up on some top tips! Thank you again and lots of love to you all xx

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