1. My gosh do I adore you! This (again – you with the words? Oi, you! – you’re fantastic) made me chuckle and nod nod nod, because I’ve had a fair few moments (ALL of them at Glasto) where I thought that hell had opened up, ready to swallow me whole for believing the loo would be anything other than entirely unsavoury (to put it ridiculously mildly). Bravo to you for making it through 😉

  2. haha!

    public toilets are the stuff of nightmares. my mum too taught me the ‘always crouch over a public loo’ rule too and, even though i too have the weakest thigh muscles, i would rather exercise them than sit my behind on one of those icky toilets!! x_____x

  3. I can normally do the hover, but not in a portaloo – they’re far to high for me, and I’m 5’7.
    Thank you for sharing this, I genuinely laughed out loud. 🙂

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