1. JoBecko

    Love this! And topical as something I have been toying a lot with recently. Career wise, I know what I need to do to go for that promotion or to negotiate overtime but at the last minute I am always struck by the old “crisis of confidence”. This results in hours of deliberation on what to say/email so as not to look like an idiot hole. And results in me doing nothing at all. Just in case I mess it up. Instead I should be thinking, what is the worst that could happen? You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say! Thanks so much for this, I will be sending that email tomorrow after all

    • Charlotte

      Do it Joey, I believe in you! And like you say, what is actually the worst that can happen?! I really think it’s worth finding out x

  2. Keating

    Wow. This was just what I needed. I am about to go back to work after my second maternity leave and my ear is filled with a little voice telling me my brain is too slow, my knowledge is out of date, my co-workers are more experienced and on and on. Why can’t I see and appreciate what I bring to the table?! Additionally, as the mother of a baby daughter there is so much for me to consider; I want her to have just as much confidence to go forth and take on the world as her older brother. Thank you x

    • Charlotte

      I’m so glad you found it useful, Keating. That’s the problem, isn’t it, that voice is always there and we need another one to tell us to ignore it. You bring so much to the table, you should have so much confidence in yourself. Best of luck going back and thanks, as always, for reading! Xx

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