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    Truly has its weaknesses! Although us 'Charlotte's' have never really had much recognition apart from having one of the longest names known, since Princess Charlotte has been born a lot have people have been getting excited for me… I find it rather annoying that the name Charlotte is going to become very popular soon. There was only a few of us, nobody really knew loads of Charlotte's, but i guess things are changing:(. -Char (aka Charlotte but yes I am and have been known for a very long time as Char, its when I get called Lottie or Charlottie that I really start to get annoyed!)

  2. Haha! Who'd have thought there would be so much drama with a name? So random that your phone chooses Church though, perhaps she's the most famous Charlotte ever?! Haha. The only issue I get with my name is that almost everyone I speak to on the phone can't tell what I'm saying so it's "sorry, did you say Judy/Edie/Stevie/Julie/Suzine?" Ridiculous haha!

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