1. I think many of us have that 'new girl's first day at school' angst when arriving at these sorts of events. Convincing yourself that no one will want to talk to you or be your friend etc…but it's ok after all, because so many people feel the same way. You're right, the fact there were so many people were at the self-esteem round table was very telling, but hopefully we can use blogging to find our voices and build that up. Francesca Martinez was absolutely awesome. Celebrating yourself is totally an act of social defiance – will never forget that xx

    • Absolutely – she was totally brilliant. I did not expect to cry at Blogfest but I did about four times! Thanks for commenting, hope you really enjoyed the day x

    • Me too, I found it very comforting. Sometimes I feel like such a tool that I consider giving up but now I know that's just part of the deal – no matter how successful you are!

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