1. Yes yes yes yes yes. To all of this. I wrote something similar recently because I just feel like I spend the whole time comparing myself to other people and it's stupid because it makes me feel awful. The bit where you said they take one look at your peeling wallpaper and overflowing bin is so spot on! I'm trying to be less scared too but it's hard to keep it up. I'm having a scared and non-confident day today so it couldn't have been a better time to read this really – so thanks! <3

    • So sorry to hear you've been feeling that way too, though I hope you find comfort (as I do) in knowing it's most definitely not just you! It's a very easy trap to fall into and I could feel myself sinking further and further down and if I didn't acknowledge it and do something about it, I was just going to end up so much time moping that I'd never get anything done. Thank goodness we both realised in time! x

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