1. I have had the privilege (ha!) of being both 29 and a student and BOY did that make for an interesting last night out before the end of term (and end of university. And, well, for a while, too!). Never have I felt more my age!

    And so, now I’m getting ready to move to a new city, with the boy, and to speeding up my job hunt, I’m looking forward to a ‘next’ night out that may include seeing the clock strike 9 whilst already being out, wearing jeans much like those described by your good self paired with something that covers my midriff (I wore crop tops and leggings out with uni friends, Charlotte. Crop. Tops. And. Leggings), enjoying a cocktail or two whilst chatting/propping up a bar rather than wolfing down voddy crans at ‘pre-drinks’, dancing until my feet are sore (instead of spending ALL my time in the loo, at a bar, or walking around the outside of the dancefloor), and doing it all with (at least some, I’m hoping) people over the age of 21!

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for commenting Tori! Good luck with the next step – you’re going to love it, I’m sure!

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