1. I’m not thirty but am having all of the existential crises right now. It’s a nightmare and, you’re right, social media has a huge part to play! Really attempting to knuckle down on my own life and focus on where I’m going instead of what everyone else is doing. Hard work though!

  2. I swear on the eve of my thirtieth birthday I became hyper aware of my failings as an adult and unable to see the successful things that I had done. Getting it now, a few months in but I think it’s going to take while. Fairly sure in ten years I’ll be doing the same thing again!

  3. Tess

    Ah Charlotte, it’s like reading my own thoughts (if I could actually be bothered to write in my spare time, which, of course, I don’t, so FAIL obviously!!) It’s really sad that so many of us feel like this, it wastes such a lot of energy. I had a massive crying meltdown on Saturday because I just didn’t feel good enough…and I didn’t even know what for. So much negativity, it’s exhausting. And the irony is you’re writing about how you feel the same when you’re a person I look at and think “she’s sorted, she knows what she’s doing”. And hopefully somewhere someone thinks that of me…so if we could just put aside our natural modesty, and tendency to play down what we’ve achieved, and actually focus on what the people who like us see maybe we’d feel better about ourselves?!

    • Charlotte

      Firstly, thank you for reading, and secondly, it’s always so reassuring to know that other people feel the same way. I totally get what you mean , I also consider you to be one of those people who knows exactly what they’re doing – it just shows you how marvellously misleading the Internet can be! I figure that the more we admit to and talk about these things the better, as everybody is just trying to figure it out as they go, really. I very much hope that you’re feeling better as you are most definitely doing more than enough, and hopefully having a nice time doing it too. Definitely good to focus on what the people who actually know you have to say, but also just to be confident in yourself that you’re doing what you’re doing for good reasons (or feel free to change it if you’d like to). Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for sharing this again on Twitter, thought I’d add to the party. This is EXACTLY how I feel and at the moment having just quit my job to move country I am having a total crisis about who I am, what I’ve achieved and what I’m good at any more. It’s so hard to focus on the positive sometimes but am trying to do a gratefulness log each night as a tiny step. Delighted to know I’m not the only one who has meltdowns occasionally about having achieved nothing! Thank you so much for writing this and sharing.

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for your comment Vicky! You are most definitely not alone in feeling like that and I’m sure that making such a huge life change will throw it all up in the air, but with time and more kindness to yourself you’ll remember you have loads to offer and know where to focus your efforts. Best of luck with everything and thank you for reading x

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