1. Bravo to you, friend.

    I’m a solo-cinema-trip-er, although haven’t been by myself since whenever the Theory of Everything came out, but trust me when I say I’ve no doubt I matched you tear-by-tear, pic n’ mix in hand!

    I’ve spent a lot of time by myself over the past decade or so and have come to be at ease with my own company (except for right now, because my job hunt is going horribly, and I’m thoroughly all-the-time pissed off with myself!)…going out exploring in Oz on your ownsome? I think it’ll be awesome! You can do what your heart desires without someone moaning about you stopping to take lots of photos (just me?) and can stop to eat whenever and wherever you want (just me?). Sounds heavenly!

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for commenting Tori!
      I’m sorry to hear your job hunt is not going so well – I have been in your shoes, and in Sheffield too – so know the loneliness that comes with it. Though I am living proof that it will end, it just takes a while. I hope it doesn’t damage your enjoyment of your own company in the long term – I’m sure it’s a luxury you will learn to love again. As for Australia, yes I’m sure it will be a great experience – strange to have so much freedom but great too! x

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