1. Katya

    As ever, a great post! I heartily agree. I also have witty and erudite conversations in my head because sadly I’m just not quick enough in real life!

    • Charlotte

      Thanks Katya! That’s the wonder of retrospect isn’t it – I’m much wittier in my head than I ever am in the moment, unfortunately – I’m too stunned to say anything punchy. Will try harder 🙂

  2. Louise

    Thanks Charlotte. An important post right now. I watched that LBC video the other day Amber Rudd speech aka Mein Kampf. I feel like I’m condoning too much by not objecting – so I’ve heard your voice clearly here.

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for reading, Louise. I know exactly what you mean – it’s hard to know quite how to do it but I think it’s about starting small and just committing to not letting things go. x

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