1. Belated congratulations 🙂 I also became an aunt this year, in November, and it’s a lovely experience. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and got to see your nephew, either in person or through the wonders of technology!

    • Charlotte

      Thank you, and congrats to you too! It is indeed the most wonderful thing. We had six precious days with him at Christmas and I never wanted it to end. Hope you had a great time and have a very happy new year!

  2. Lucy

    I know this is an oldie now but I felt the need to read this again knowing now I too am due to be an Auntie later this year. Love this. Welled up at every point. I already feel most of them and it’s still months till my niece/nephew (whatever colour he/she decides to be) arrives. Cannot frigging wait xxxx

    • Charlotte

      Being an auntie is just the most wonderful job, you’re going to love it! I knew I was excited about my nephew being born but it’s even better than I imagined. I’m very excited for you – you’re going to be so good at it! Xx

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